Sunday, May 15, 2011

Should abortions be made illegal?

Being that I am pro-life, you'd immediately assume that my answer would be yes. Abortions should be illegal. However, despite my very strong belief that abortions are wrong, I also hold a very strong belief that we are a free country, and for the most part we should be free, as Americans, to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. I think that to live in a world where one's ideology is necessarily mandated is a scary thing. I feel one way. You feel another. Neither of us are, perhaps, absolutely right or wrong in our beliefs. The crux of the matter, for me, is how we make these very important decisions for ourselves as to what is the right course or not. In this case, as it applies to abortions. My preference on this issue of abortions is that people would have the ability to make sound judgement decisions before they find themselves in a position to have to decide between aborting or not. When the decision to abort is the result of reacting to prior poor judgement, I feel that abortion is patently wrong.

Putting it into another context, which I realize is not really along the same lines, should we ban all alcohol from being served in any establishment that happens to have a parking lot? The answer is, of course, no. Should people exercise good judgement before they get into their car to drive away from that establishment where they, perhaps, have just consumed too much alcohol? Yes.

At the end of the day, whether or not abortion is legal or not is not the problem. Whether or not a business serves alcohol to potential drivers is not the problem. It all boils down to judgement. There is good judgement, and poor judgement, and I think it is far more valuable, and far more important to find ways to help people along in making good, sound judgement before alternative decisions must be weighed in on, than mandating whether a decision can be made at all. I want to live in a world where sure, we all have many options before us, but wherein the majority of us are apt, capable, and compelled to take the right path all on our own.

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