Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where can I find free photos to use on my blogs, and in articles?

While the images may be limited in nature, feel free to check out Springboard Images. There I will be posting various pictures that I have taken over the years which may be used in your blogs, for HubPages, Bubblews, or other article writing sites. I think images certainly add to the color and flavor of any Internet content, and I created Springboard Images as a place to obtain some free photographs to be used.

The only thing I ask is that the copyright information be displayed, and if a link can be provided back to Springboard Images, that would be greatly appreciated. Link backs may also be directed to some of my other blogs and sites if you would prefer to link back to these instead of to Springboard Images.

Some of these link backs may also be provided on the Springboard Images page.

Why are the images free? I think part of the uniqueness of the Internet is sharing content. If I can take an image which somebody can make use of, they can use an image free for use, and I can gain exposure to some of my other work. It's win, win really.

Here are some other links that can be used to link back when using the images on Springboard Images (and do check back often as I intend to update this page quite frequently as I have quite a stock of images that can be posted).
Dark Whispers (Kindle Edition) edited by Ivan S. Graves
Springboard on HubPages