Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What do you think of Blueberry Cheesecake from Green Forest Vape Shop in Belleville Illinois?

Admittedly, I am new to this whole vaping thing. I only quit smoking a couple of months ago and currently use a Smok Alien 220W mod, and so far have to say I have been pretty satisfied with the idea of it, and even the flavors. The latter of which I did not think I would like since I actually liked the taste of cigarettes.

But I do like blueberry cheesecake. The real stuff. So when I saw there was a flavor available in that offering of course I had to give it a go. It was not disappointing at all. In fact, Blueberry Cheesecake vape juice from Green Forest Vape Shop in Belleville, Illinois has become a favorite of mine. Respectably this juice actually does taste quite a lot like actual blueberry cheesecake. I am sure there are other vape shops that offer this flavor, it is of course not unique, but as I like my beer I think I like my vapes—so far. That is, I enjoy trying some of the different offerings from different vape shops, and since I travel a lot, I do get to see a few shops around that are worth giving a go and will likely write about what flavors I find to like and give those shops a bit of a plug. Besides, if you have followed me, you know I am a huge fan of supporting small business, and these vape shops are all of course, small business. They all need some love, and if we are part of the vaping community we want to keep these shops alive so we can all enjoy the benefits of vaping over smoking.

If you want to check them out, or check out this fantastic flavor you can find them here. I think their house juices are reasonably priced, most of the flavors I have tried I have liked. The staff is friendly and helpful. They are worth supporting and checking out.

Here's a little video for YouTube I did on this particular flavor. Unfortunately I got the website wrong. But no worries. It was correct here.

Vape on people.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

What the hell is the Springboard Journal?

A while back there happened to be a few sites that came along that paid a little bit, and were fun to write for mainly because you could write about just about anything you wanted to. The "articles," and I use that word lightly, did not have to be informative, or explanatory, exploratory, or anything else of that nature. I likened these sites to expanded versions of Twitter or Facebook. You started off with that one simple thought in mind, "What's on your mind?" And you simply went with that and wrote about it.

People would come by, read, like, and comment. It was as simple as that.

Of course what made those sites die a slow and painful death was not that they did not require phenomenal content, or even that the vast majority of writers for those sites could barely write their own names. It was the business model that they used that was simply not sustainable. They were desperate to attract writers. Any writers. And they paid for those likes and comments in order to entice people to not only dance around the site and the posts, but to keep on posting. Even though when I started on these sites I knew they wouldn't last, I wrote for them anyway knowing that before they were laid to rest I would at least cash in on a little bit of that enticement. That made it worth it even if it wasn't ever going to last.

That all aside, I did enjoy reading many of the daily posts. Even the ones which were just about what someone had for dinner. You got to know people through their posts, and while the content was not all extremely entertaining, there was still enough entertainment value, and even perhaps enough of a feel of being that proverbial fly on the wall, that it kept you coming back.

I post often for Twitter and for Facebook, and of course I maintain a few blogs here on BlogSpot. But I kind of longed to go back to those old sites, to that old format, to just simply post whatever is on my mind. To post what I did today, what just happened to me a minute ago, and perhaps what I plan to do to tomorrow. It was also an opportunity and a great place to share a little bit of what else I do on the Internet like music, YouTube videos, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

To that end I thought what the heck? Why not? Why not just start a blog whereas the aim is simply to do exactly what I described above. A blog about nothing and everything all at once, and a blog that requires no set word count, or post count, or even great and phenomenal content, but at the very least content which someone out there might find interesting enough to keep up with.

My life can get quite interesting actually. I am a bit of a character for those who know me.

So what the hell is the Springboard Journal? It's a blog about nothing and everything in the daily life of me. If you want to come on over and see what's going on, I'd be happy for you to join me. The aim is to post as often as things come up that I care to post about. Again, about nothing and everything. Should be fun, and we'll see where it goes. And knowing me, the blog will probably be all over the place from funny happenings, to fun times, to not so fun times, to all out rants about things that might be irking me at any given time.


What do you think of Turtle on SG?

Let me just say that Suicide Girls, which happens to be an alternative pin-up site, is a really cool site that was started to bring to the masses some of the most beautiful women in the world that you might otherwise not get the pleasure of seeing because some big wig in a high-rise building in the middle of New York decides that only he has the ability to define what happens to be beautiful. The truth is that women comes in all shapes and sizes, all forms and styles, and being even more truthful, I like women of all types. Beauty is not so easily defined for me. In fact, I'm a sucker for some of the chunkier women in the world.

So, I thought from time to time I might want to share some of that beauty with you, faithful reader. I hope that I have not overstepped my bounds, or dirtied up what was supposed to be just a simple opinion blog that asks a question and provides my answer to it. And no, it's not a ploy to drive in
more traffic just to get a few more bucks from it all. Although, more money is always a good thing. I don't think anyone can argue with that.

On to the topic of question.

Turtle is one of the great women who adorn the site, and while all of her sets are not as golden as was her set Life on Mars? from which these photos were taken for, it was truly a knockout as intriguing, scintillating, and as interesting to look at as was the recent 10-round knockout fight between Mayweather and McGregor recently which Mayweather ultimately won in the end.

As of this writing Turtle is only a hopeful, which just means SG has not yet bought one of her sets. But my guess is that if she keeps up work like this, it is only a matter of time before she happens to become a full fledged Suicide Girl.

I, for one, am hopeful for that. I think she more than deserves that title as much as Mayweather deserves his title for not losing a fight over the course of his professional career.

I think what captures it for me here is many-fold. Her yes. That subtle naughty look in her facial expression, the beautiful paleness accentuated by the lighting in this set. The brilliance of her red hair, and the straight cut bangs. And those feet. Yes. Her feet. 

I'm not a foot fetish guy. Don't get me wrong. It's not like that for me. But certain women just have feet, that when captured at just the right angle, do capture the attention for me. And in this set her feet most certainly do exactly that. I have often said, "You know a chic is hot when even her feet make you do a double take."

Either way, and for whatever reason you find Turtle to be an amazing woman, and an amazing SG model, I think checking out Suicide Girls is a definite must, and while you're there, checking out

Turtle among other truly amazing SG's is definitely worth your time, and the nominal cost of subscribing to the site.