Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is your opinion of the Super 8 in Fort Wayne Indiana?

Let me start off by being very clear that I actually mostly find Super 8 locations to be better than expected for the money. It is a value hotel, and so I am not expecting top notch anymore than I would expect a stellar steak at Denny's for breakfast.

So where is this particular Super 8 location? 5710 Challenger Parkway in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The perk? Well, it does offer a smoking room for anyone looking for a room like that. And if you are a member of Wyndham rewards as I am since I travel often for business, it is a part of the Wyndham Resorts family of hotels, and so you earn points for your stays which can be used to either get discounts on room rates, free rooms, or other perks like gift cards.

I happen to be a diamond member. Again, because I travel a lot for business.

In fact, very recently I cashed in 25,000 points of my 75,000 point balance for a Visa gift card valued at $100. But that's for another day. But it is certainly a perk. I have no affiliation with Wyndham and don't even own stock in the company anymore...so I am not trying to sell you on anything. But do check out the rewards program if you travel a lot, and there are other hotels in the Wyndham family like Baymont Inn for example which are a bit more higher quality.

I paid less than $60 per night for this particular stay. Not awful, and about right for a Super 8 depending on where you are.

What's in my room?

  • Computer desk
  • Single cup coffee maker
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
Not all Super 8's have a refrigerator, and not all have a microwave, so I call this a plus. Honestly, after a hard day on the road and conducting sales calls with customers I enjoy unwinding with a beer or two, so a refrigerator is a big plus in my book. It's also nice to have a microwave because often times I will indulge in a pizza on at least one of the nights, and while cold pizza is great, sometimes being able to take the chill off a bit in the microwave is an added bonus.

It's especially nice if I opt for Chinese food, which I often do as well on my business trips.

As for the room quality at this particular location at 5710 Challenger Parkway, Fort Wayne, Indiana, I'd say it is actually quite subpar for even a Super 8. For one thing the building is a bit dated, and the rooms are essentially outside, so there is no hope for security at this location. The access doors to the upper levels do have a card reader, but there are no locks. Even that makes sense since the lower level is all outside, so the entire building is pretty much accessible to anyone who could break a door in.

The room also seemed a bit dirty honestly. In fact, there is a sitting chair close by the bed which is positioned well to watch TV if you don't want to lay in the bed and watch. But from the looks of it, honestly I don't think I'll be sitting in it. The arms are blackened, and in fact the whole chair just looks used and abused.

My best assessment is that for the price it is what is to be expected even if I have paid a similar price for a better room at other Super 8 locations. But that aside, if I ever have to make a stay in Fort Wayne, Indiana again, the Super 8 at 5710 Challenger Parkway will not be on my list of places to stay. Next time through town I might choose a Baymont Inn, or see if there is a higher end Wyndham offering in Fort Wayne.

What hotels are associated with Wyndham?

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Overall recommendation for the Super 8 at 5710 Challenger Parkway in Fort Wayne, Indiana? I do not recommend this hotel.