Monday, October 10, 2016

Why did CNN single out Ken Bone?

Okay, so Ken Bone was the pudgy guy in the audience during the 2nd presidential debate who was wearing a red cardigan sweater, tie, and who donned black-rimmed glasses, and according to many in the lamestream media he was the guy who stole the show for all intents and purposes. Well, they say it was the name. They say it was the way he was dressed. They say it was the question that he asked of the candidates, which, was a good question mind you. I am not taking anything away from his moment if you will. Nor am I going to diss the question he asked.

Did I say it was a good question? It really was.

So where did Ken Bone stand on the candidates? Well, he said in a following interview that he had leaned Trump, but that after the debate while still being undecided, favored Clinton's demeanor and composure, and felt she had stated her issues better than Trump did.

Bingo. We, folks, have a WINNER!

That's what did it. That's what made the story for the liberal media crew. Had he stood firm and said he was still leaning Trump, had he stated that he did not like Clinton's demeanor or skirting the issues about her emails...

The media would have dumped him like a burnt, useless hot potato.

In a CNN article they also did one other thing here which a weird guy like me, one who likes to make certain observations, caught right away. That would be the picture of the "staring black guy." Now, think about this for a minute will you? You have Ken Bone, the guy who looks like the All-American good guy, one observer actually saying, "This is a guy who probably brings roses home to his wife...just because," to the angry black man who, according to the wording in the article, staring at Mr. Trump with what can only be described as the evil-eye, who seemed to be saying "I am not falling for your B.S. Mr. Trump."

It is glaring. Don't you see it? Average all around American guy in a cardigan sweater, a concerned American citizen about not just how we get our energy now, but how we get it later (climate change lovers smiled), and the fact that he talked nice about Clinton, and then angry black guy—

Because all black people have benefited so greatly from the policies of the democrat party over the years, this man was important to convey the idea that no matter what Trump says, no black man would ever fare better under anything other than democratic regimes...

Ken Bone did not really steal the show. He did not really win the debate. His question was good. I said that. He does seem like a well-rounded guy, and he's even probably genuinely a nice guy. But had he touted Trump instead of Clinton? He'd have gotten not one second of coverage at all by anyone in the media.

Maybe Fox would have...

But we know that Ken Bone would have been dismissed, only to make any rounds on the Internet, enjoying the limelight there. But no reporters would have stopped him. No news stories would have been written about him. No one would have cared one iota about the pudgy man in the red cardigan sweater who asked a great question.

But we would have probably still seen a picture of the angry black man glaring at Mr. Trump. In fact, we might have even seen him getting all of the attention instead of Ken Bone.

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