Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why the current negative news on the Wounded Warriors charity?

Not that I am taking anything away from the reporting on the matter, nor am I going to discuss whether or not the reports are true. They probably are. What is the reason this story about discrepancies in the Wounded Warriors charity's finances comes out now? Especially when any charity arguably has many skeletons in their closet? Almost all charities are a little bit crooked aren't they?

Donald Trump.

Of course Mr. Trump is saying he will not be attending the final republican debate on Fox News prior to the Iowa caucuses—something which is to be seen, but he may well just keep his word. What is he doing instead? He's holding a rally which will be both a campaign and a charity event. Where is the money going? To the vets, and more specifically to the Wounded Warriors Project.

I am not going to comment on what Trump hopes to accomplish with this latest tactic, but will only say that it seems clear to me that the news media outlets don't like the fact that Trump has been able to steer a lot of how they conduct their debates, and of course has been able to thwart any effort by any arm of the media to douse his numbers which have unquestionably been on fire for quite some time. This may also be a jab at the republican party as well being that Trump is the clear front-runner, and the RNC cancelled an NBC debate in favor of CNN because the RNC and Trump did not like NBC's handling of a previous debate, as well as what they consider to be less than fair coverage of the candidates, namely Trump.

This is to make what Trump hopes would be seen as a good thing, helping the vets he strongly supports, look more like Trump simply helping a crooked organization that will do no more to help the vets than the VA.

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