Friday, October 9, 2015

What is the effect of repetetive airplay?

If there is one thing music marketers know, it's that sometimes it's not that first spin of a record that a listener hears that wins them over on a song. Sometimes it takes a couple of spins before the listener really catches on, and the song ultimately grows on them.

I certainly know this is true of my own interest in music. There have been countless dozens of songs that when I heard them the first time I thought to myself, that was just okay. Only to have the song stuck in my head after a few times hearing it and actually liking it.

Music marketers will go to great lengths to have their music spun multiple times in rotations in radio airplay because they know that eventually the song may just catch on even if it might not initially.

Of course, the song still has to be good. It still has to be solid. You can play a horrible tune over and over again and if it's simply garbage no one is ever going to care about it.

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