Sunday, January 6, 2013

Could Barack Obama ever seek a 3rd term?

President Barack Obama pulled off an incredible feat. Of that, there is no doubt. Let's face it, he had an abysmal record during his presidency, and was in fact actually worse than Jimmy Carter in many ways—yet the American people surprisingly accepted him for a second term. But the question is whether or not President Obama would ever seek a 3rd term, and more importantly whether or not the American people would ever allow this to happen?

I think the answer is two fold. I do have some concern that President Barack Obama may have it in his interest to try for a 3rd term. Speaking on gay marriage he commented that, "Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don't contract them." He has made other statements throughout his presidency that have made the suggestion that the Constitution of the United States gets in the way of his ability to govern. These are troubling words in my opinion, and telling of a mindset that he may just have some interest in completely changing the rules. Including seeking a 3rd term.

In answering the second part of the question, "Would the American people allow President Barack Obama to seek a 3rd term?" I think the answer is no. Despite the changing tide of American political sentiment, despite the scores of unemployed, and those who rely on the dole for their daily bread, and despite the rampant infiltration of liberal ideology into the American psyche, Americans are still Americans at the core. I still firmly believe that Americans overall still respect and enjoy the protections that we have against any one branch of our government having too much power. If the president sought a 3rd term, all Americans would be up in arms, and I am certain that this would include the president's fellow democrats in Congress. There is only so far one can go in this country to uproot her very core foundation—and this would be a line for sure.

There is good reason our laws have created the two-term rule. 3rd term presidents haven't ruined us in the past. But Americans need reassurance that leaders do not become dictators. That's why we have the law in place, and I think Americans appreciate the letter of it.

The real question is whether or not the democrats will maintain their seat in the White House at the end of Barack Obama's ending term in office, and whether or not any new democratic president may wish to advance even further the liberal ideology that Barack Obama has fostered and administered so far. In some ways this could be the closest thing to a dictatorship in America without having an actual face to put on it—the dictator could well be the continuation of liberal policies. And that should probably be feared just as much.

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